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Semesta Energi Services is developing AR-VR (Augmented Reality – Virtual Reality) technology. AR technology can show the reality of work added to the technology.

Meanwhile, VR technology is a tool that can visualize 3D data/images and work in various fields.

The benefits of AR-VR in various sectors:

  • Work Safety Training
    Before going to the field, every worker/contractor needs to take part in work safety training in various fields, such as construction, mining, and heavy equipment operators which aim to minimize the potential for work accidents. With AR-VR technology, this training can reduce the potential for work accidents in the field, so that worker safety is guaranteed.
  • Work Progress Percentage
    In various sectors of the AR-VR industry, it can provide a comparison between actual and work progress, so that the percentage of work progress can be identified. After seeing the progress of the work, AR-VR can represent a more interesting and clear 3D data/image