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Recommendations For Strategic Steps to Mitigate Cyber Attacks

Herman Huang as an IT Activist and Participant in the Cambridge University Cyber ​​Security Program, United Kingdom, recommends three strategic steps to prevent cyber attacks. First, the Data Security Campaign.

As technology develops, it is time for cyber institutions to intensively provide data security education with more specific targets. So that the public is more aware and alert of data. Second, Transformation of Cyber ​​Institutions. Cyber ​​institutions must reform themselves to be able to provide cyber security enhancements and emergency response when cyber data leaks occur again in the future. Third, National Data Independence. As long as the data of the majority of users is still being processed, managed and stored abroad, the role of any institution in the country will be limited. It is better for users to be more careful in promoting national data independence through developing local applications for social media, finance, and so on.

In this modern era, user cyber security is still low. This is because Electronic System Operators (PSE), both private and public, have not implemented yet proper security standards for data security.


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